Sites For Sore Eyes


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Sites For Sore Eyes by Kate Luella

The Why

Because I have personally designed and built over 200 gloriously revenue-focused websites and I’m so sick of seeing tired, uninviting, poor performing websites and then only to find out the person just bought it, I decided the time had come to write a guide for business owners that was easy to read and implement!

Enough is enough – I wanted a higher-level web design guide book for local business owners who don’t know the tecky speak but want a book to refer to at their leisure to reference and ensure they get a good website the first time around!

I hope the book serves you well!


The Who

As the founder of Netsplashing, a successful Australian digital solutions web agency, I have acquired years of first-hand experience as a result of working with many local businesses, corporations and business owners designing and implementing a custom profitable digital marketing strategy to suit their business and needs. 

So it’s not by chance, or from reading a book, that I know which digital strategies work the best and which don’t.  It is from years of actually designing and launching real high-level converting websites, that bring in a flow of sales and leads. 

You are welcome to get in touch with me if you need high-level consulting for your next web design project!



The How

I wrote the book for local offline business owners, people with real shops, bricks & mortar outlets, the ones that often think the internet is not necessary for them, or they do think it’s necessary but don’t know where to start.

I wanted to reach out to business owners who really struggle with how the internet works, and what they do and don’t need when they get online.

I wanted business owners to have a better concept of what the internet can do for their local business, and why. In particular I wanted to wash away all the information overload they would have already got from the internet and give them a basic simple to follow guide – but with some pretty high-level strategies thrown in!