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Creating is my superpower and zen.It makes the world make sense.






Hi I’m Kate,
I’m one of the lucky people who gets to earn a living from what I enjoy doing.
I show people how to make the internet work for them. 
I help business owners create digital strategies to take their business to the next level with online marketing campaigns.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Then you must get in touch!

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I show Local Businesses owners & staff how to make the internet work for them


  I design profitable digital strategies for local offline businesses so their owners can get huge growth, for less work.  

Strategy Sessions

As the General Manager of Netsplashing, a successful Australian digital solutions web agency, I have acquired years of first-hand experience as a result of working with many local businesses, corporations and business owners designing and implementing a custom profitable digital marketing strategy to suit their business and needs. 

So it’s not by chance, or from reading a book, that I know which digital strategies work the best and which don’t.  It is from years of actually designing, implementing, managing and measuring the results of these digital marketing strategies that positions me best to give you right advice on a customised profitable digital marketing strategy.

Strategy Sessions are flexible Skype or phone meetings with me, at a convenient time. More than one person can be on the call, and you can record it. We can discuss any part of your online marketing plans.



Things we can talk about on your Strategy Session include:

Your long-term goals

Your short-term goals

How much your plans will cost to implement

How long the results will take to surface

Your branding

Your content strategy

Your USP 

Your value proposition

What works best for your niche online

Examples of other businesses who have done what you are planning to do







What do you get with a Strategy Session?

Most Strategy Sessions are short abrupt strategy planning and discussions. Real in depth strategy planning should take place in a High-Level Consulting package for extra work including custom written strategic blueprints for you to follow.

How long do strategy sessions go for?

That is up to you. When you enquire about a strategy session please indicate how long you wish to talk for. You can book multiple timeslots at the one time if you prefer.

How far ahead do you have to book in?

It is hard to say for sure, so when you use my contact box for an enquiry, check on my availability at that time too.

How much do Strategy Sessions with Kate cost?

That depends on her availability, how long you wish to book for, and how often. Prices start from $250.

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In my experience, I often find the large corporations, and the savvy entrepreneurs, actually have very similar digital strategies in design and function. 

Crazy hey.

You will soon see that Simplicity is Key with profitable digital strategies – there is no “fast route” to success, but there are “proven successful Digital Strategies” that are fool-proof – and they are the ones I design for my local business clients.
You will have heard of a Business Plan.  Online, we call business plans a “Digital Roadmap”, or a “Digital Business Blueprint”. My goal is to help people monetise their local business skills, knowledge or brand so they can achieve their financial goals in under an hour a day.

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Kate Luella, founder of Netsplashing, now has hundred’s of local businesses around the world benefiting from her digital marketing strategies.

Kate is the author of the Amazon best seller REACH book series. Kate is also the co-founder of the Email Newsletter Club now emailing out over 2 million emails every month.

As a seasoned Local Offline Business Digital Marketing Expert, Kate teaches listeners her “next level” digital strategies on one of her podcasts the “Lunch Hour Marketer” where she shares her tips and training for local offline business owners around the world on how to make the internet work for them.

At the heart of it Kate is a creative artist with a strong analytical mind who enjoys designing her profitable digital business strategies. But Kate is different from her peers in that she believes all businesses can thrive online and success can be demonstrated by effort rather than JUST financial investment, so everyone can enjoy online financial success if they really want to. Her blogs are a testament to that.

Kate now offers high-level consulting with only a few clients a month. She is most inspired by business owners that actively work for a better ROI. Hear Kate any time on the LunchHourMarketers.com.


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Rainbow Nail Salons
Ryan Solicitors
Arbitrans Accounting Firm
Panel Busters Car Repairs
Aussie Helpers Charity
Blackdog Pet Foods
St George Workers Club
Glenn’s Plumbing Services
Summerhill Hotel
AA Portable Buildings
and many many more…