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My Businesses

Building my own destiny

My current focus in work is to create a safer, and more stress-free, digital landscape for everyone and especially our future generation (the kids) that are still greatly impacted by the internet, and lack the wisdom to know that.




Hi I’m Kate,

I’m one of the lucky people who loves going to the office each day.
Not everything I do is like work for me, some things are creative, and as a digital content designer, that is pure happiness for my soul.
My income comes from collaborating on digital projects that require my experience, knowledge and skillset.
But my real goal is to help people across the world access a better tech and IT support experience with onlineTEKI and my co-founder Michelle Ferbrache.
Michelle and I are also committed to educating children and young people on the importance of privacy and safety online, via TEKIKIDS .

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My work now focuses around the TEKI Group Projects:

onlineTEKI (IT & digital tasker platform)
TEKI Training
ALL IN Masterminds

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About two years ago I started to struggle to work from home, and only now this year have I finally made the leap of faith to work from my own office on the Gold Coast – And I’ve never looked back.


Over ten years ago I started out blogging, and soon discovered the “internet” could earn an income for us, as well as “be fun”.

Well ten years on, I’ve been the Chief Digital Strategist for my own web marketing agency Netsplashing,

I mostly worked from home, driving around to meet small business owners all over Australia, and grew a nice collection of wonderful clients, for the most part.

As a result of working with businesses over the years I have acquired priceless first-hand experience of implementing custom profitable digital marketing strategies to suit any business you can think of!

So it’s not by chance, or from reading a book, that I know which digital strategies work the best and which don’t.  It is from years of actually designing, implementing, managing and measuring the results of my campaigns that I give the advice I do.

I’ve now scaled back my private consulting work, as I move onto more scalable and global ambitions!

Michelle Ferbrache (co-founder of onlineTEKI) and I decided to share our tech start up planning and launch of onlineTEKI via our video chronicles we aptly called ALL IN. That was nearly two years ago. My how time flies.

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If you had told me 30 years ago I’d be where I am today, doing what I’m doing today, I’d think you were crazy.
AND yet, it would make me smile.
My life has been a huge learn, but I’m ok with that, because now I know what is important, who matters and why I’m here.

My work is evolving, as am I.