Crazy Days for us (2017) With Social Media & Digital Marketing Moving Faster Than Us


I know, I know. You are probably nodding your head along with me, that social media, the complexity of it, the opportunities it provides us the way it can take a business further, is exasperating. As you nod, are you really processing the reality of it all. For example, have you heard of BoostJuice? If […]

Best Seller Author OR Best-Mate Seller Author? ebook scams and fabricating the truth a little too much

Sites For Sore Eyes by Kate Luella

When someone advertises that they are a “Best Seller Author” – it sounds so WOW right! But dig a little deeper, and often in the internet marketing world you soon find the claim is baseless. First of all, you can call yourself whatever you like, who is going to bust your chops over what you call yourself […]