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Why I Blog

I have strategised and published 100’s of business blogs with thousands of daily readers. Blogs are more than just story telling for me. It really sets the pace on who I am and what I believe in.  Enjoy!


Kate Luella’s Blog

Business, Brand & more…

On my blog on this website, I write as I see it. I particularly focus on mindset, digital strategies and stories I have learned over the years in my online career. But watch out – I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade (so to speak!)



The Surrogate Parent Plan BLOG

Discussing “Special Needs Kids” in the News

This BLOG is a passion of mine. My daughter is autistic, and my son is aspergers & epileptic.

We live an amazing and very happy life. But that is not the case for everyone because there are so many fuckwits in the world, and I discuss stories about special needs kids in the news, and give my opinion of the fuckwits who case the problems in the first place!


onlineTEKI blog 1

The onlineTEKI Blog

Tasker website for Talented IT Support

Want to keep up to date on everything tech, IT and digital?

Then the onlineTEKI Blog is for you!

Some of the posts are by me personally, and some are by the onlineTEKI content team!




The Netsplashing Blog

Australian Digital Marketing Agency

Learn more about digital marketing strategies, some posts are published by me, some are by my content team.


AVOD blog 2

A View On Design Blog

Beautiful Luxury Designer Homes (Aus & Overseas)

The homes are not necessarily perfect (like in a magazine shoot) so you need to forgive some obvious mistakes and just enjoy seeing how others live, perhaps even take some inspiration from here n’ there!

PS:  This is a hobby/passion of mine, for over 10 years, this is not a business or a revenue based blog.