We have now opened ANOTHER store since working with Kate in 2013. We are living proof that Kate knows what she is doing and her digital strategies work. She has all the knowledge and know-how of a high-level digital strategist specialising in local businesses that any business could ever need. It has been amazing!

VANESSA PHAN, Owner, Rainbow Nail Salons
Hi I'm Kate,
I'm one of the lucky people who gets to earn a living from what I enjoy doing.
I show people how to make the internet work for them.
I work with smart people who design beautiful digital content and create cutting edge online marketing campaigns, especially with social media.
I am also a co-founder of a savvy new tech startup onlineTEKI.com which is a technology support and IT help tasker platform connecting talented IT and digital expert technicians with busy people who want to outsource their technology tasks online in a safe space.
I work closely with online entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their social media presence for business at my social media marketing business SocialForYourBiz.com with Anna Rovis.

No 2 strategies are ever the same.

They are either different by design, or outcome.


Online Marketing...

As the Founder of Netsplashing, my own successful Australian digital solutions web agency, nearly ten years ago, I have acquired years of first-hand experience as a result of working with many business owners and marketing department staff, both designing and implementing custom digital marketing strategies to suit their particular business and needs. 

So it’s not by chance that I do what I do. Nor is it from reading a 99c Amazon book. I know which digital marketing strategies work the best and why.

I find the internet a good and bad thing. Firstly it has made information so much easier to access and share, and yet secondly, it has created a whole bunch of people who use this space for bad purposes.

My personal goal is to help prepare the future generations of kids for the landslide of tricks and manipulation that they will undoubtably face sooner than later, thanks to the internet. I will do this with TEKIKIDS.com and other online platforms I am currently developing including a podcast and books.

My company didn't just need a website, we needed more customers. Advertising in the local paper was becoming more expensive, and less effective every week. Then Kate devised a simple plan... So we highly recommend Kate to anyone who wants to get more leads from the internet.

GLENN AUSTIN, Owner, Glenn's Plumbing Services


In my experience, I often find the large corporations, and the small savvy entrepreneurs, actually have very similar digital strategies in design and function. 

Crazy hey.

You will soon see that Simplicity is Key with profitable digital strategies – there is no “fast route” to success, but there are “proven successful Digital Strategies” that are fool-proof .
You will have heard of a Business Plan.  Online, we call business plans a “Digital Roadmap”, or a “Digital Blueprint”. My goal is to help people monetise their business, knowledge or brand so they can achieve their financial goals as fast as possible.


Kate Luella is co-founder of onlineTEKI and Social Media Marketing Designer at Social For Your Biz. Kate has helped hundred's of online entrepreneurs and small businesses from around the world who have benefited from her digital marketing designs and strategies.

Kate is the author of the Amazon best seller REACH book series and two new co-authored books are coming out soon, KISS (Keep it Social Silly) and Digital Fraudsters.

As a seasoned Business Digital Marketing Strategist, Kate talks all things digital and internet on her various media networks, including blogs, YouTube Channel, social media networks and her email subscribers. She shares her tips and training for smart people around the world on how to make the internet work for them.

At the heart of it Kate is a creative designer with a strong analytical mind who enjoys designing her profitable digital business strategies. But Kate is different from her peers in that she believes all businesses can thrive online and success can be demonstrated by effort rather than JUST financial investment, so everyone can enjoy online financial success if they really want to. Her blogs are a testament to that.

If you want to work with Kate please visit use the contact form on this website.

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